Completed in part of the diploma thesis at the HTL Wiener Neustadt. See the complete project report here.


Decentralised systems, as well as the Internet of Things, have, thanks to their success, become universally known in the past few years. With Bitcoin’s price formally going through the roof and the abundance of IoT devices everywhere, it’s safe to say that both technologies have found their place in our modern society. Thus this diploma thesis’ focus was laid on combining these aspects and designing a lightweight Blockchain capable of efficiently handling transactions between low-power IoT devices. To test this Blockchain in a real-world application, we decided on a traffic simulation, in which cars and other elements, are seen as IoT devices, as well as nodes in the Blockchain. Making this concept a reality was done with the Decentralised Autonomous Traffic System (DATS), which is this diploma thesis’ result. To realise a system as sophisticated as DATS, we relied on some modern technologies, like Docker and Flask. In addition, besides the Blockchain and IoT elements of this project, an intuitive frontend was also developed using React